Technical Stuff

Literary Shropshire and most of the Wenlock Edge series were produced digitally on a Nikon D300 using Raw capture. Files were processed through Adobe Lightroom, with rare excursions into Photoshop. The D300 has now been replaced with a Nikon D800 (full-frame) supplemented with a Nikon 1 V2 for those occasions when a smaller format is appropriate.

Exhibition feedback has prompted some additional information. The initial perception from many viwers was that the pictures were paintings; other people asked what I had done after capture. None of the the pictures have been digitally altered in any way, except for removal of the odd blemish. Any enhancements to the image were all achieved within Lightroom.

Nearly all of the earlier pictures shown in the Gallery were captured on film using an Ebony 5x4 folding view camera, initially an RSW45, later replaced by a 45S. A few of the Village Church pictures were captured with a Mamiya 645 Pro. Nearly all were shot on Fuji Reala 120 roll film using 6x9 format (8 frames per roll). Negatives have been scanned and processed through Photoshop to produce digital prints.

The creation of each picture is normally preceded by a period of exploration and familiarisation, building an understanding and empathy with the landscape or subject. Viewpoint and framing are carefully considered, along with the aim of capturing the light and conditions that best reveal the subject matter.

Prints are produced to archival quality, currently using an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer. Media will normally be Hahnemuehle Photo Rag or German Etching, sometimes Fotospeed HWS, all depending upon the subject matter and the feel that I want to achieve. Framing for exhibitions will always be to archival quality.

Prints are available for sale in small limited editions. Please enquire via the Contact page or download the Spirit of the Edge Artists Information as a guideline.

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